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January 27, 2005

Tips and Trix

here are some ideas for your 14/24's...


Posted by wynnr at 10:43 AM

December 13, 2004

Sci 10AP - Photosynthesis

First go to EarthGuide and click thru the animations in "photosynthesis" then do the "photosynthesis game"

Then go to Interactive Concepts in Biochemistry and click through all the infromation on the different types of cells. Pay special attention to the part about plant cells. Construct your own cells at the end.

ok! now it's time to challenge your friends with Photosynthesis Jeopardy!!
good luck!

hey hey! think you are "all that" when it comes to makin' things grow??
Try "tiny grow" and "grow"...part of the fun is figuring out what the purpose of the game is! :-)

one more thing...try this...it's very cool :-)
(click on "i agree, let me play!"...wait in line till it loads up...then click on "new game" when the game screen come up)

Posted by wynnr at 12:51 PM

November 22, 2004

Sci 24 Assignment

Go to the following website and complete the worksheet (see below):

The DNA Workshop

Worksheet: DNA Workshop Worksheet

Posted by wynnr at 10:43 AM

November 05, 2004

What's on rwynn.com...

Right now i'm not using this main page for a whole heck of a lot. If you're looking for one of my other pages you can find them here:

1. Physics 30
2. Physics 20 (Metro Night School)
3. Biology 20 AP
4. Corporate Watch (Social 9)
5. Kibble N' Bitz (online games)


Posted by wynnr at 12:47 PM

October 11, 2004

Goodbye Superman...

Posted by wynnr at 02:21 PM

May 12, 2004

Scavenger Hunt...

Write the answers to the 25 questions on a seperate piece of paper. There's no printer in the room so please don't print. Neatness COUNTS!! Messy, incomplete, or overly brief answers will not be marked! Do your own work! (Gurwant, this means you!) All students (Steven included!) must complete the assignment by the end of the period.

Go here and use the links provided with each question to find the answer.

Step 3: HAND IT IN
Hand in your neatly written and complete answers to the teacher.

There will be no "free" time until AT LEAST 1:00pm so don't rush through this, take your time, have fun, and learn a little!



ps: yes, i know this doesn't have anything to do with Biology.
Consider this a treat!

Posted by wynnr at 11:17 AM

May 07, 2004

Bio 20 AP - Digestion

ok...you guys know the drill!

go forth and find me some cool digestion sites! While you're at it, you might as well look for some sites on:

  • the immune system

  • blood & circulation

  • the respiratory system

  • the excretory system
  • If you spend 30 minutes finding & exploring the sites, you can have the rest of the class to play.

    I've re-enabled the comments so you can post the URLs you find. DO NOT mis-use these comments, they are for class use ONLY. Any abuse will be dealt with harshly.

    Posted by wynnr at 12:46 AM - Comments (28)

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